Skype Acquires GroupMe for $85 Million
By James Lenhart


In the middle of being acquired by Microsoft, Skype will acquire a service called GroupMe for roughly $85 million. The service was conceived just over a year ago at a TechCrunch event back in April and has had great success with funding. Essentially, GroupMe aims to provide messages to groups on any platform, which seems to be a very popular thing of the late. Facebook just added their standalone messaging app to the iOS app store where it placed number one in the free app section in under 24 hours. Google has also baked in similar support to their Google+ app for Android and iOS with a feature called Huddle that allows group messaging to take place over SMS, or the app.

Skype has been making purchases that will definitely benefit them, but we’ve yet to see any real outcome. I hope they aren’t buying up companies to just kill off any potential threats. If you remember Skype also purchased Qik which allowed you stream video over 3G and automatically upload videos to your Qik account.

One thing I never use Skype for is to message people, so we’ll see how this turns out. Optimized messaging definitely sounds like a step in the right direction, but its possibly to late.

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