HELP US go to CES 2012 – Advice, Donations, and Writers Needed
By James Lenhart


The Story

Last year, late in October I was working a really early shift for a lab company where I drive blood around and get paid barely above minimum wage, and I came up with this idea — At first my mind was more set on buying the cheaper domain because I wasn’t even sure how serious I was about this (I had started hundreds of projects…). After settling on a name I decided to buy it while I was waiting for the phlebotomists to deliver their blood to me. Morning after morning I sat in that office waiting for people to come, and little did they know I was starting an idea all from my HTC Droid Eris (probably one of the worst Android phones, but thats besides the point). I didn’t know much and didn’t claim to, and I went into it not expecting much either, and I even managed to drag a couple of my friends into the mix as well. You see, I’ve always been a creator of sorts which is really what led me to creating this media outlet.

It was getting close to the end of November 2010 and I hadn’t done much except think. I was also doing research on what blog engines other sites ran, how podcasts worked, who was interesting within these scenes, and what to strive for.  Once I had a clearer image in my head I called up Chris West and Christopher Weaver my two colleagues, and asked them if they’d like to join me on a weekly podcast. Of course they agreed, I mean why wouldn’t they? A few more weeks went by and I started setting up a WordPress site while getting to understand the background, but because of my prolonged sabbatical (5+ yrs.) from web design everything had to be relearned, and trust me I still don’t know what I’m doing. It was as if I had transformed into a Sloth.

The first version of the site went up, and this was my first post. It was only a few days prior to launching allGeek that I purchased for nearly $50 (I was probably wondering what I was going to eat that week). Looking back on it now I don’t think we could have picked a busier time to launch a tech-blog. First off, at that time I had no clue what was even expected to be out that Christmas nor did I have any serious knowledge on one subject, but at that time I remember thinking I knew what was going on.

We continued to blog and put out the first podcast of allGeek Every Week on December 12th, 2010. The sound quality was horrible, the video looked super pixelated, and we were probably a little all over the place, but it was the beginning of something cool. We’ve made many critiques since then and have grown tremendously in a short amount of time, but I think most important is that the learning has not stopped for us. Earlier this year we covered CES 2011 from our homes just watching live keynotes via webcasts and read what was being trickled down from the several tech-blogs attending. And within the same year we’ve been approved to go to CES 2012 to cover it live in person for you. The airfare is paid and hotel is booked, but were going to need some advice on what to bring (we’re not rich), and could really use some donations from those who enjoy our stuff.

Countdown with us:

How To Donate

Currently we have a PayPal donation button located just below this paragraph. Anything helps and we’re going regardless of what we have with us, but we’d really like to cover this the best we can. This should start the year off very well for allGeek and we hope to connect with you in Las Vegas if you’re there. Thanks again, and please leave us feedback!

Note: People who donate get a bonus no matter what the amount.

We’ll be starting a couple other ways to donate soon.

Interested In Writing?

If you’re interested in helping us during CES 2012 please apply here. We need dedicated writers who understand the basics of photo editing, and have a creative mind. Depending on location we could set you up to attend conferences in the future. Travel expenses would be covered by you.

If you’d rather email please send it to

Subject Line: Location (state/province is fine)

-What do you like to write about most? (mobile, industry, Apple, PC, security, start-ups)
-What makes allGeek a good fit for you?
-Other Qualifications (experience is good, but not required)
-Two samples of articles you’ve wrote (please be at least 100 words)

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