WSJ Reports Next iPad Will Be Here Early 2012
By James Lenhart


Plenty of you know that Apple doesn’t make most of it products and instead gets multiple OEM’s to make the parts for them. WSJ is reporting that Apple is receiving samples for the next iPad to perform testing in order to make sure manufacturers will be able to produce 4th quarter this year. Word on the street says that the iPad 3 (rumored to be called iPad HD) will sport a 2048 x 1536 resolution which is double compared to the iPad 2. Suppliers have also told WSJ that Apple has requested 9.7″ screens. Apple does not comment, but several suppliers are coming out and saying that Apple has already placed orders for millions of parts. This makes a strong case that Apple will release an iPad first quarter of 2012.

It seems like the price would have to go up due to the screen and there is no mention of a better processor. I think it’s likely that the next iPad will only sport a better screen and might not even get a new number. Possibly the iPad2HD?

via: WSJ

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