Explore the Amazon with Google Street View
By Christopher Weaver


Many of us lack the luxurious lifestyle that enables one to travel far and wide, to see places on distant continents. Google cares about us poor folk — they have been creating a virtual 3D map of the world for sometime now, letting us view it from the comfort of our own homes. Yesterday Google announced they will be expanding their reach with the Street View team, and will be surveying and documenting the Amazon rainforest.

Google has partnered with the Foundation for a Sustainable Amazon (FAS) to help them collect all the necessary data. Not only will this new project give us a detailed look of the Amazon River by boat, but also plenty of dirt trails using the Google Trike (there’s a video at the bottom), and even a look at the inside of many businesses and villages.

All of these aspects that Google plans to capture have one common goal besides furthering the Street View database — that is to help the world understand and glimpse into the largest remaining cornucopia of life.

Via:Google Blog

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