Amazon’s 100,000 Instant Videos Won’t Change a Thing
By James Lenhart


Today Amazon began offering customers access to 100,000 instant videos that you rent a la carte starting at $3.99. Videos range from new releases to old classics and are playable on the Mac, PC, several set-top-boxes, blu-ray players, and Internet-connected TV’s. However, don’t expect this to change much of anything, and definitely don’t start with the “OMG this is going to be the Netflix killer” crap.

Amazon has already offered instant-video rentals for a while and has up-sized their library. If you’re a fan of HD you’ll be happy to know they’ve increased their HD titles to 15,000 — turning the dull into crisp, breathe-taking images that make you say WHOAH!

Prime users also got an upgrade to 9,000 videos. If you’re a prime member you get access to 2nd-day shipping at no extra cost plus access to prime instant video. The only thing that changed here were some numbers, which I’m sure many people will appreciate. I just don’t expect this to create much of a wave.

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