Photovine from Google creates competition for Instagram
By James Lenhart

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Last year Google acquired the company Slide which aimed to provide new social experiences in transparent and fun ways. One of these new social experiences was a project called Photovine which was released last month on iOS by Google. The only problem was that it was closed off to public, but today that restriction has been removed and you can try the service yourself.

Photovine works by having users upload photos to vines that have already been created, or by starting a new one. For example, let’s say I go to a party and I start a vine called “Kick Ass Party”. Anyone else in the world including people at that party could add photos to “Kick Ass Party”. Essentially, this allows for a more valuable conversation because of the common interest within the photo. Whatever your interest might be you’ll more than likely find a “vine” that has been started to accommodate your photo, and if not, start a new one.

The service can post to Twitter and Facebook and allows people to “like” and comment on your photos. You can also see how many people viewed your photos, and can follow each other to stay informed. Not only do you have the ability to follow people, but you can watch vines that are of interest, so you can see them grow over time. If you start a catchy vine you’ll see it grow quickly.

Instagram users are familiar with the ability to follow people they like, but are limited to discovering new people because of the way Instagram is setup. It’s very much like Twitter, and you sort of surround yourself with people that you already follow on other social networks. Photovine is unlike Instagram because it allows you to search for vines that can connect you with people of similar interests. When using Instagram you are forced to discover new photos by using the popular section, which is also a feature of Photovine.

My biggest complaint of Photovine is the lack of visual effects. Instagram without a doubt is the best app for creating eye-catching photos that look very distinct. It’s quick and easy to upload, and the process is pain free, but I often become bored and don’t feel as engaged on the app. I rarely use Instagram to share photos, but rather to create them for my own personal use, which is great, but it just isn’t that social. Photovine has really figured out the social aspect and you should definitely try it out. In a way it sorts out the clutter of other photos and confines you to a specific area of interest, which in turn creates better conversations and possible friendships. And to think that all of this was created just to share a photo. Good job!

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