Forget the AR.Drone Check Out The Griffin Helo TC
By James Lenhart


If you’ve got the money ($299.99) then by all means the Parrot AR.Drone is gonna bring you the most phun*, but for those of us that aint rich here’s an alternative that’ll only run you $49.99. If you’re completely unfamiliar with the AR.Drone it’s a quadracopter that is controlled by the iPhone 4 via Wi-Fi unlike the Griffin Helo TC which is controlled via sound through and IR transmitter. It sounds funky but the promo video shown below makes it looks like a lot of phun. However, keep in mind that you must be within line-of-sight. Griffin says the Helo TC should be available to retailers by the holiday season.

*Phun /fun/
To have fun on a phone, or mobile device. “We were having phun playing with the Helo TC”.

via: MacRumors

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