Get Paid to Take Photos for Other People With Crowdmug
By James Lenhart


Crowdmug the start-up based out of San Francisco wants you to know they are ready for you to start snapping photos as they just began their soft launch last week. The goal of Crowdmug is to create offerings that other people can choose to accept for money in return. Currently it’s setup to where someone posts a request for a photo or video within a particular area, or specific location. The person posting the offering also sets the price for how much they are willing to pay to get this content. Once the task is completed, payment is made by PayPal, or by mailed check and both parties leave with a reward. This could be useful if you’re trying to find out where “the spot” is, or if you’re in need of some unique pictures. I could also see this being useful for journalists that could not attend a conference, or possibly when you’re trying to track down your ex-girlfriend.

The company has shared that they are open to changing their model and will modify their roadmap based on feedback. Crowdmug seems to be fairly small at it’s current stage, but I see this as a great tool with potential. It’s currently confined to iOS, but they have plans to open it up to Android soon.

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