Google+ Games Rolling Out
By James Lenhart


If there’s one thing that engages people, it’s games. Plenty of people have become addicted to Facebook not because of the social communication (no, that’s just a nice bonus), but because they like playing the games. Today Google hopes to add more value to G+ by adding just that. Google says that they are rolling out the games feature to everyone as soon as possible, so hopefully you’ll notice the change later today. Up at the top within G+ you’ll see your home, images, profile, and circles buttons. If you have the gaming feature already you should see an additional button that looks like a futuristic Simon Says. Click on that and you’re set to go.

Yesterday Facebook re-designed their look and brought back a few features that many complained about. Specifically modifying and making changes with the way that games work within Facebook. Unlike Facebook, Google hopes to keep games and relevant content separate from each other so you are not bombarded by useless ads trying to get you to play a game. This is a very wise choice as I think most people would not appreciate it on G+, but for whatever reason people tolerate it on Facebook.

I was unable to test the gaming feature of G+, but here’s the list of games that are set to debut on the platform.


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  • Anonymous

    Tested out City of Wonder briefly, appears to work well, smoothly, and integrated in an unobtrusive fashion.

    • James Lenhart

      Right on!