Klout Adds 5 New Ways to Measure You
By James Lenhart

Jimmy Lenhart   Klout Influence Report

Klout is a start-up based out of San-Francisco that debuted three years ago. The service aims to measure your Klout score by seeing how much you influence others based on social platforms available today. Plenty of us have multiple accounts across the web that influence each crowd differently.

When the company first started it only supported Twitter to judge your influence. Two years after the initial phase Klout began adding Facebook support, and then in June added LinkdIn, Foursquare, and YouTube. Today the company just added 5 more services including Blogger, Flickr, Instagram,, and Tumblr. I remember using the service when it only had Facebook and Twitter support, and thinking to myself how could this accurately judge someone, but I realize they’re still in beta.

Klout CEO Joe Fernandez told Mashable. “By adding blogging, photos and music to the interactions that we are already measuring we are moving closer to our goal of providing a complete picture of your influence.”

My Klout score did not go up much (whopping 31) after adding some of the other social services to my account, but I’m nobody so I’m sure it doesn’t matter lol. Does this accurately seem to measure you? I’d like to know.


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