Interview: Charles Smith Founder of
By James Lenhart


We got a chance to speak with one of the founders of created by the parent company Pheedo. The new product helps blogs, brands, and even individuals promote their content through various social platforms. In my experience has given us the most flexibility when it comes to pushing our content socially. It’s a daunting task when you have to update several social feeds to keep different crowds happy and informed, but what used to be a task is now an automated stress-free process. allows you to link your feeds from your site, or any site and push it directly to the social platform of your choice. They have many options available including Facebook, Twitter, and Linkdin to name a few. Charles said they have plans to expand to other platforms including Google+ once their API goes public.

The service also provides stats about who is clicking on your links, how many times, what is hot, and more. provides data that is very helpful in understanding what people are engaging with, and is perfect at the price of free. Charles did mention that they will begin rolling out paid features focused towards brands, businesses, and those who wish to promote their content via several major outlets.

If you’re scratching your head trying to figure out a better way to promote, definitely sign up. I was so impressed that I asked to speak with them and thankfully they agreed. Bill Flitter who is the other founder of was unable to attend, but I appreciate him setting this up.


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