Falcon HTV-2 has Second Launch after Delay – Also Has Second Crash Landing
By Christopher Weaver

falcon htv-2

Yesterday we reported that the Falcon HTV-2 was undergoing its second test flight. The launch was scrubbed yesterday due to inclement weather conditions. Nevertheless, the extra day did little good for DARPA’s Mach 20 unmanned craft as communications were lost after approximately 36 minutes 9 minutes of flight time. The launch off the Minotaur IV Lite Rocket went well, but the glide phase of the flight is where problems occurred.

According to the @Darpa_News Twitter account, Downrange assets did not reacquire tracking or telemetry. #HTV2 has an autonomous flight termination capability.

This was the second test flight of this craft both of which have now undergone the same fate. Both flights cost around $300 million together, and both are now sitting on the ocean floor.

It was said that if this flight did not go according to plan that further plans for the HTV-2 would be scrubbed. I am unsure if this is the case as of yet, but will bring forward updates when they become available.

It would be a real shame to let technology like this go to waste with this craft’s speed it can make the journey between New York City to Los Angeles in 12 minutes.

Via:CBS News

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  • Luke

    Hi there. I am just wondering where you got your info on the price tag from as i have been looking for it for a while now and this is the first place i have seen it mentioned…. i cannot find it in your source either :P

    • Luke

      Hehe nevermind found the pricetag at defense industry daily.