Verizon Opens Application Innovation Center
By Christopher Weaver


Today Verizon Wireless announced via press event and live webcast the grand opening of the Application Innovation Center in San Francisco, CA. This new branch of Verizon will house a small group of employees and engineers with the intent that they work directly with app developers and start-ups to help make their visions possible.

Verizon’s Chief Technical Officer, David Small, stated that allowing developers to work with the Verizon staff will breed much higher quality apps than if a developer released the app on his/her own. Features such as multiplayer, 3D, and cloud functionality are filling many new apps and require a fast network and low latency to run properly — this is where the Innovation Center comes in. App makers will be invited to test their ideas out on the LTE network at the center and utilize the knowledge of Verizon’s engineering team when integrating network API’s.

Ben Keighran, founder of Chomp, was at the event to discuss his experience in working with Verizon during his app development period. This is how he described it:

Search is hard, but working with the Verizon team was incredibly easy. They moved quickly and were very flexible. Frankly, it was more like working with a nimble start-up than a large corporation.

Hopefully this lunge forward from Verizon will encourage the other major carriers to invest more heavily in their 4G networks and help bring a new wave of killer apps to market.

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