FreeIndie Starts $5 Album Deal
By James Lenhart


Independent music lovers rejoice because here’s a great alternative to discovering music via the radio. Within the last 5-7 years independent music has grown significantly and continues the trend with all the online music streaming services available. In fact, it’s become so large that it’s hard to find some of the less main stream artists out there. FreeIndie hopes to solve the issue of music overload by offering you a few free tracks every few days for absolutely free.

FreeIndie is at it’s core a Tumblr blog that has over 180k subscribers, which they plan to use to promote their latest project. Head over to and you’ll find that $5 gets you a full-length album from an independent artist. The albums change 5 times a week and will sometimes include special artwork, or items from the band. Other incentives include live cover tracks, or bonus tracks that you won’t find anywhere else. If you wanna be cool definitely support the independent musician.

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