Jonathan’s Starbucks Card Shared to The Public
By James Lenhart

$10.00 on me as of Aug 8th at 11:25am EDT (change of $10.00 since last tweet)
Jonathan's Card

Jonathan Stark is a geek, programmer, and social experimenter. His idea of fun involves copying his Starbucks mobile barcode and sharing it with the Twitter community to see how they use it. He suggests using the card for any of your purchases, but wants you to tweet about it after you’re done, and if you’re super cool add some money. Jonathan has written an API that updates his Twitter account with the latest card balance periodically so that you know what’s going on.

If you’d like to give back follow these simple rules :

1. Visit
2. Click on the “Reload A Card” tab
3. Enter the card number visible in the picture (6061006913522430)
4. Click “Reload This Card” in the left sidebar
5. Choose a reload amount
6. Choose a payment method

Crowd-Sourcing funds is a hot trend these days, so why not crowd-source your coffee budget too. The idea that I could be helping someone else out that doesn’t have enough money for Starbucks makes me happy, because I know one day I’ll wish someone would help me out. Things like this show how honest people really are, and how much they care about getting some extra karma points.

TIP: Save this image on your smart phone so that you can use it at any Starbucks supporting the mobile payment app.

via: TechCrunch

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    I thought it was a pretty cool experiment. It’s prevented from getting out of hand as you can’t have a negative balance but I have seen some big withdrawals which could easily be shop owners taking out large payments of $100.

    I put in $11 yesterday. Proof!

    • James Lenhart

      I used it this morning. Worked great!