Weekly Wrap-Up (8/1/11): iPhone 5 Rumors, Android Malware, Patent Litigation, and More…
By James Lenhart


I’ll try to make this as short as possible, cause there’s a lot of news, and I think you’d probably just rather me get to the point. Starting out in the week Google sealed a deal with IBM to purchase in excess of 1000 patents dealing with things that you wouldn’t expect Google to need patents for. I know that sounds very vague, but honestly all we know is that some of the patents deal with clock automation, electrical connections, and other various tech-related needs. Google’s strategy is to not have patents they absolutely need, but to have patents on things they may need for defense later — ammunition if you will. Meanwhile, Samsung and Apple continue their own litigation over the Galaxy Tab 10.1, but  among the Kangaroo in Aussie land.

In all honesty I do not understand patents enough to have much of an opinion. All I know is that they are used to battle each other in court. so if you’re ready I’d like to move on to some more ‘geeky’ things. Let the lawyers stress over that stuff.

Google again in the news with plans to resurrect their Realtime search with possible Google+ integration. We should know more soon, but they recently shut it down due to losing their contract with Twitter. On a completely different note, Google also reminds us to wrap-it-up this week as their Android OS continues to suffer from a nasty trojan. As if that weren’t bad enough Google was just in the news yesterday for having one of their driverless cars ram into the back of another. Google says that the car was in manual-mode and was a result of human error. Sure it was..

On the mobile front we got some new numbers to take a look at from comScore showing the top mobile OEM’s, OS’s, and top things we use our phones for. It’s a great diagram and shows that Samsung and Google have a great thing going on right now. Call it a match made in heaven, two soul mates unite, the daring duo, double trouble, I could go on but I think you got it. Verizon also in the news this week (and no one seems to care) unveiling the first 4G LTE netbook. I guess it’s really nothing to be all that excited about, but I thought it would interest more than 12 people. Apparently more people are still interested with what’s going on with Blackberry.

I guess it wouldn’t be a proper week if we didn’t have some kind of Apple rumor. Well, I got good news! We have three. Starting out with some new ideas on when the next iPhone will be here, followed by another idea when it might be here, and tying it all together with a strange way to charge your “iDevices” using an inductive coil formed with the headphones..hmm yea for some reason that doesn’t even seem like something that Apple would seriously do, but who can really be sure? Apple also took the veil off the prices for additional iCloud storage, and may possibly launch a video streaming service called iTunes Replay. If that doesn’t settle your Apple craving(s), may I suggest you look at this post about robots taking over Foxconn?

I’ll go ahead and bring this to a close by letting those who do not know about Instagram to try it out. The service has processed 150 million photos, and continues to be one of the fastest social apps to date. We put together 5 services that you may enjoy using if you’re an Instagram lover. Speaking of social, I’d like to thank all the people who re-tweeted/tweeted our Facebook Ads article (seriously, thanks guys & girls it keeps us going), and to Brandon Yoshimura for taking his time so that we could interview him about Loffles. Until next time..


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