Google’s Driverless Car Crashes Into Another
By James Lenhart


One of Google’s cars was reported in a crash this morning via Jalopnik a Gawker Media blog. However, there’s a bit of truth that people wish they could hide, and that is the car was in manual-mode according to Google. Skeptics won’t let this one die, but I believe there’s a point other than one of Google’s driverless cars was in accident. It was because of human error. If anyone knows how to engineer a way to do something better than a human it would be Google. I say bring on robots, driverless cars, RFID chips, and everything else the world is scared of. Boo!

The video below should really give you some confidence as it looks like the Google car can pull off maneuvers that most people would have a difficult time performing. Google may put an end to “meat driving” as they call it now.


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