Apple Could Launch Video Streaming Service – iTunes Replay
By Christopher Weaver


We all dream of a world in which content can be purchased and then consumed in any fashion, any amount of times, and on any device we choose. iTunes Replay is Apple’s contribution to making this dream a reality which we might see in the next few weeks, according to a report from AppAdvice.

iTunes Replay will give users the ability to re-download their purchased TV shows/movies onto as many Apple devices as wanted and possibly stream content to those devices. All content that is iTunes Replay ready will have a little arrow next to the title indicating that it can be re-downloaded to your heart’s content — except for a few titles which can only be downloaded 5 times. More content will be made Replay ready as the content deals are hammered out with the studios. You will also be able to retrieve any video files you’ve purchased after January 1st, 2009.

This service will work very similarly to how iCloud handles music. Users will be able to build up a digital video library that will always be saved on Apple’s servers — this allows you to not worry about local storage for your collection. For music, iTunes is a great ecosystem to take part in, so it’s only natural that iTunes Replay would be of the same quality for video.

The one thing that is not going down here is an “all you can eat” plan. If you care to use iTunes Replay, all your content must be individually purchased (a la carte). This makes services such as Netflix, or an Amazon Prime Membership look very appealing since both give you unlimited streaming video for a very low price.

I don’t see this being a deciding factor in choosing iTunes as your video gathering destination. I think that current users will be delighted with the increased functionality, but little beyond that.

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