Google Obtains 1000 Patents from IBM
By James Lenhart


Google has acquired in excess of one thousand patents from IBM, which should gain them some footing in the event of a lawsuit. If you remember back in April 2011, Google began bidding on a patent portfolio owned by Nortel, but ended up losing that bid to a consortium led by Apple, RIM, and Microsoft. In today’s corporate world patents are protection and without it, you’re screwed.

Patents help you defend yourself when someone else steals your idea, but can also bottleneck the tech industry. The government likes how the current patent system works because it slows down the rate that technology is released — which in turn sustains the economy without further innovation. Florian Mueller, a technology patent and intellectual property analyst says that “if the economy or even just the tech sector had grown at a rate anywhere near the rate at which the numbers of patent applications and grants increased over the last 10 to 15 years, we’d be living in a period of unprecedented growth.”

However, all corporations are not made equal and that leads to the bullying of other companies who may pose a threat. When you have access to many patent portfolios you have the ammunition needed to destroy the innovation from younger start-ups. Simply put, this isn’t good for the long run, but nobody is really putting a foot down to stop it.

As for Google’s recent patent acquisition, congratulations, but you probably need more.

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