Paypal isn’t worried after today’s boycott inspired by LulzSec and Anonymous
By James Lenhart


In an ongoing attempt to screw over companies and organizations that promote censorship, LulzSec & Anonymous are encouraging their followers to boycott Paypal and to find another alternative. Instead of their usual tactics they decided to crowd-source their idea and see how big it would go. Anonymous is claiming that 35,000 people have closed their accounts. In retrospect that’s pretty impressive, but Paypal doesn’t seemed to be to thrilled. In fact,  Paypal says they haven’t noticed any changes with the amount of registrants, and if it were true it would only amount to 0.035 percent of their 100 million active users.

Final Standing: 33.36 -1.06 (-3.08%) That's about lost in share value | Thanks, Mateys! | Who won? | #OpPayPal #AntiSec

What is lost throughout this entire fiasco is a reason explaining why. Essentially, WikiLeaks is owed money from Paypal, but at this time Paypal is not releasing any funds. According to LulzSec, they are being scrutinized and arrested  “for taking part in a historical activist movement”. I’m sorry, but it’s ridiculous to think that it’s wise to post personal information of others publicly on the internet and expect for anyone to thank you. What they’ve shown today is an ability to influence people and organizations without affecting the ones who are innocent. Good job!

On a side note Scotland Yard says they have the spokesperson of LulzSec in custody who goes by the name “Topiary” online. Read the press statement below to learn more on why LulzSec & Anonymous are encouraging users to boycott Paypal.


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