iRobot Reports Growth: Humans better watch out!
By James Lenhart

iRobot 510 PackBot 2

iRobot is the company that is probably most famous for that circular vacuum that terrorizes your dogs & cats. Nevertheless, their involvement does not remain in the household, but extends to government and industry related robotic needs. Q2 2011 financial results show a 11 percent growth in revenue to $108.1 million as compared to $97.8 million for the same quarter a year ago. In Q2 2010 the company’s net income was $5.3 million as compared to $8.0 million this quarter. If you weren’t scared about a “robopocalypse” now might be the time to start thinking about that bucket list. But seriously though, were not to far away from seeing a robot making french-fries, or assisting a surgeon (that’s actually kinda scary). The stuff we thought of as “futuristic” is here, and I’m here to embrace it.


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