Barnes & Noble NOOK app adds iPad Support
By James Lenhart


In the coming days Barnes & Noble will update their NOOK line of apps for iOS to add support for the iPad. Customers who have invested time and money into the current line of NOOK products will be able to enjoy the same publications through the updated apps. B&N will also unveil an additional feature allowing customers to view over 175 full-color interactive magazines on the iPad. The company has supported magazines with the NOOK color since launch, which was one the only things I ever consumed on the device.

B&N will also release NOOK Kids for iPad allowing users to consume 550 interactive children’s picture books. There’s been ongoing talk about how great the iPad is for kids and how it can be a vital tool in education. I believe this supports that even more, and shows that B&N can’t ignore the 25 million iPads that have been sold.

I’m not a big book buyer, or e-reader person, but I can definitely say B&N has a great look and feel to their products. I really don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you decide to subscribe to a few magazines — as my experience was pretty fantastic.


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