In-Call Ads The Future for Skype?
By James Lenhart


Skype has plans to monetize from those who do not pay for the service, and for good reason. People use Skype for several minutes if not hours per day, and for the most part those calls are free. It’s unclear how future ads within Skype will roll out. However, Tony Bates shared some information that might make you question the company’s future decision(s).

Back in March Skype rolled out displays ads on it’s home page, but has not placed them anywhere else. Bates said in an interview, “The one I want to tease right now is in-call advertising. The average length of a video call is going up — it’s about 27 minutes now — and you’re doing a lot of things in that time. If we’re talking, you’re not just looking at me, so we have a lot of opportunities there.”

Bates has confirmed that the company is holding off until the Skype-Microsoft deal is finalized — so now we play the waiting game. Ads could show up in the form of audio, video, and images, but it looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer to find out. Just know, Skype is considering in-call advertising. Something I know many people will be upset about. I guess you can always pay if you don’t like the ads. Although that said, I’d switch to Google Talk if the audio quality was better.

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  • Anonymous

    For people that aren’t using Skype for podcasting or live productions Google Talk will probably become the better service since it will continue to have no ads. I don’t think many people will like to be subjected to ads whilst they are conversing.

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