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By James Lenhart


Readers of the site will know what I mean when I say the team is very enthusiastic and eager to move into their new home, but for those not in the loop they’re starting a new site. The “future site” was actually unveiled on NBC’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon where Joshua Topolsky made his 10th appearance as the “resident tech expert”.

Former staff from AOL owned tech-blog Engadget will make up most of the team — including former Editor-In-Chief Joshua Topolsky. The new site name is called TheVerge, and for good reason. You see, they aren’t just covering what’s hot, but what’s on TheVerge of being that next-cutting-edge thing.

SB nation who owns around 300 websites related to sports will be backing TheVerge with their technology for web publishing. Meanwhile, folks who’d like to know more can keep up with the team at until releases later in the fall. The PR release tells us that they plan to use all types of media including video, audio, and of course the traditional blog content.

It’s possible that TheVerge will appeal to a wide audience since their first advertising deal will be provided by BMW for North America. Regardless, I am just glad there is another high quality news source to read.

Read more from the official PR statement.

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  • Jim Holden

    Please please don’t create the same hideous levels of advertising on Engadget.