Google Announces Q2 Earnings and Numbers for Google+, Android, and Chrome
By James Lenhart


Yesterday, Google CEO, Larry Page announced their 2nd quarter earnings, but you might be as surprised as we were when he decided to share some other numbers. For those interested in revenue you’ll want to know that Google is up 32% from last year with $9.03 billion in gross revenue — with $6.23 billion being from Google-owned sites. Page reinforces that Google’s core business revolves around search & advertising, but products like Chrome, YouTube, and Google+ are part of a long term goal that should generate “huge new business” for Google.

Two weeks after beginning their limited field trial of Google+ we have official numbers of over 10 million Google Plus users with 1 billion items being shared each day.

The numbers continue to grow for Android, which is now at 550,000 devices activated each day with 160 million devices world wide.

There are now 160 million Chrome users. Google recently unveiled Chrome OS on the Samsung ChromeBook after the CR-48. On top of Chrome we’re also seeing the +1 button being served up 2.3 billion times a day.

Google is doing quite well in a lot of things right now. Let’s hope they pull everything together to bring a more unified experience to their products. I love when I’m signed into Google+ and it feels like I’m part of several products-in-one. This is what I hope Google works on for the future.

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