Hulu Implements Facebook Connect for the Second Time – One Month Free Hulu Plus
By Christopher Weaver


The initial roll out of Hulu’s Facebook Connect integration was a bit of a fail, users who tried to connect their accounts were strangely prompted to log in under a different users credentials. Hulu stated their regret and that no personal information was compromised following this minor fiasco. It appears that things are now up to snuff, and the service has been restored.

If you go to Hulu and opt to Connect with Facebook, you will have the ability to share the videos you are currently viewing on Facebook. Want to share that hilarious scene from your favorite show — click share and along with your comments will be your show embedded on your page for your friends to watch. If you and a friend are both signed up, you will be also be able to see what one another is currently watching from Facebook or Hulu.

The real question is will people use this service? I personally don’t find it very compelling to watch a show from my Facebook page that someone has shared. I would rather use the social aspect to see friend recommendations that were browsable — like a custom Netflix-style suggestion with built in social signals.

For a limited time, users who connect their Facebook account to Hulu will be given a month of free Hulu Plus to try out($7.99/month). This is a great way to increase the size of Hulu’s user base, however when compared to Netflix(also 7.99/month for streaming only) it seems that Hulu Plus is not as good a value.

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