AntiSec Attacks to Increase after 15 “Members” Arrested
By Christopher Weaver


Let the hacks continue! After the latest round of raids on alleged members of Anonymous, the group is vowing revenge that will be stronger than ever. Fifteen members have been arrested that are suspected of DDoS attacks against public and private broadcasters and some government websites. The freshly incarcerated suspects range in age from 15 to 28, five of whom are under 15 years old.

As with some other recent arrests made regarding Anonymous, the authorities claim to have captured “the leader” who goes by the handle “Phre”. It seems obvious to us that this is just an effort to discourage Anonymous members and other hackers from continuing the onslaught of cyber warfare. For one, you can’t arrest the leader of a group over and over when it isn’t the same person, and one would also expect that if the leader was taken away the group would fizzle out — which is clearly not happening.

Aside from the standard DDoS attacks in the Anonymous arsenal they are beginning to attack in different ways. Members of the group have compromised the administrator account of Nimbuzz, a VOIP and IM provider. If you were to put a title on what Anonymous stood for — it would be anti-censorship. Nimbuzz has created beef with Anonymous (unknowingly), because the company willingly blocks accounts when instructed to do so by the Government, but also does it when they feel it’s necessary. My only question is, doesn’t Facebook take down pages without being advised to do so? I see where Anonymous is coming from, but would like to see it scale up.

Going after these individuals must be extremely costly, and probably proves to be overall ineffective. Arrests have been made, and yet no shortage of hacks are occurring. An overhaul of security measures is needed and anything short of that will ultimately prove futile.

Source:Ars Technica

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