Amazon Keeps “App Store” Branding and Offers Unlimited Cloud Music Storage – Apple is left with no choice
By James Lenhart


Last month Apple filed for a preliminary injunction, which was denied in court this morning. Apple claims that consumers would be confused by seeing Amazon use the branding “App Store”, but the court ruled in favor of Amazon saying that the term “App Store” is used widely among the mobile market.

Amazon may get to keep their “branding” for now, but we doubt Apple is going to give up this easily.

As if that weren’t enough to boost the ego of Amazon they’ve decided to offer unlimited cloud storage to the masses — creating competition with Apple’s iCloud, Music Beta by Google, and other lockers in the cloud. For $20 a year you can store as much as you’d like and can access it from anywhere you have a web browser, or the Amazon Cloud Player app. However, for iPhone users this probably isn’t the best solution (no iOS app at this time). In fact, for iOS users Apple really seems like the way to go. For $24.99 a year you can use a service called iTunes Matching that will allow you to have a high quality copy to share among all your iOS devices from either music you purchased in iTunes, or elsewhere. Music Beta by Google offers the ability to store 200,000 songs and it’s totally free, but there is not a store to buy music through. If Google keeps with their usual track record we’ll probably see that number of songs increase over time.

Personally, I don’t have much of a local stored music collection these days — mainly because of services like Rdio. Sometimes I almost feel overloaded when there is so much music to choose. That’s why I really enjoy services like Pandora that play music for you and know what you like from user input. It’ll be interesting to see what consumers find to be the easiest and most accessible way to listen to music.


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