Google Services like Blogger and Picasa to be Rebranded
By Christopher Weaver


Google’s new social platform Google+ is stirring up the interwebs and causing change to happen. We have seen UI changes start to happen in Gmail, the Google homepage, and even the Chrome icon — now get ready for a renamed Picasa and Blogger(possibly Google Photos and Google Blogs).

It is expected that the redesign will happen over the next 6 weeks, or possibly before the open launch date of Google+ (July 31st). The functionality is expected to remain the same, so don’t panic. It should just help make functionality as seamless and simple as possible.

In the coming future we may see some additional changes to more Google products like YouTube, but for now I’m happy that their services are being brought up to date.

This comes at a time when Google is making a big push to make their services more compelling than the competition through innovation, whereas some competitors are just trying to reach the bar.


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