[UPDATE] Google Plus iOS App on It’s Way
By James Lenhart


Google+ users are well on there way to becoming even more mobile. The Google+ app for Android devices has been out since it’s launch last week, but unfortunately for iOS users — they had to wait. However, the wait should be over soon as we’ve received confirmation that Google has submitted the Google+ app to Apple for approval. Erica Joy, a Mountain View employee shared the news on her Google+ profile — stating that the app has not been officially approved, but hopefully things will flow smoothly.

If you’re craving the mobile experience now — using the Google+ web app is a very nice experience and would please most people. In fact, some of the transitions and features closely resemble that of a native app — and to us that’s cool. It’s been hard to mask the line that divides web apps & native apps, but Google is pulling some tricks that make your eyes take a second glance.

We’ll update this as soon as word hits that you can download Google+ for iOS. I hope they add the ability to do instant upload of photos like the way Android works, but well know soon enough and will get back with a full review shortly.

UPDATE: Head over here to download the app from the app store. As soon as I play with this I’ll have a review up.

Source: Engadget

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