Hackers Infiltrate Fox News Twitter Account and Falsely Announce the President’s Assassination
By Christopher Weaver


If you thought the hacker storm was ebbing, you thought to soon. A hacker group known as the Scriptkiddies commandeered the Fox News Twitter handle @FoxNewsPolitics and falsely announced that our President had been assassinated in Iowa. They appear to be a completely separate entity than the recently famous LulzSec/Anonymous groups — however their intent is much the same. This stunt was pulled with the intent to embarass FOX news, in otherwords — for the lulz.

This news is an obvious fake and Jeff Misenti, vice president of Fox News Digital, is not taking this lightly. He says that Fox and Twitter will be working together to find out how this occurred and to prevent further Twitter takeovers from happening.

The way that news is disseminated today heavily depends on Twitter. All the news organizations use it because it gets the word out much quicker that broadcast TV. I don’t want to imagine a world without Twitter, now that it is here I want it to stay and I’m sure many of you feel the same.

Source: Mashable

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