Make Your Phone Capable of 3D with TOYin3D
By James Lenhart


As a kid growing up I went to a few of those laser shows that have different genres of music as a theme. For a few bucks more than the entry you could purchase a cheap pair of cardboard red and blue glasses that would really make the visuals “pop”. When I saw the TOYin3D it took me back to that moment; so I decided to check it out.

TOYin3d was created under the Spanish start-up Estado Latente S.L. where they’ve patented a way to bring stereoscopic 3D content to nearly ever smart-phone on the market. Estado Latente will be refining the technology for home use, but would like to get the mobile crowd under control before missing out on any opportunities.

Essentially, they want to bring 3D to devices that don’t yet have it. Currently, the LG Optimus 3D and the HTC Evo 3D are the only native 3D smart phones to date. Here is the full press release if you want to know more.

TheNextWeb made the comment that aboard the Starship Enterprise there’s a phone brand called “THC” in the video below.

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  • Dontreply

    The only thing that is missing is how you can get undistorted content to watch on this gadget or on the Hasbro my3D. All we see are Youtube 3D videos that are all distorted vertically and sometimes even inverted, because the Left and Right eye views are swabbed.

    • Anonymous

      You’re right. On their YT channel the innovative TOYin3D folks just show copies of normal YT3D clips, but if you search for the keyword trueColor3D you will find content that either plays on this type of side-by-side viewer or on tablets using the over/under method.