Google Launches New Service – What Do You Love?
By James Lenhart


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Google releases so many new features on a day-to-day basis that it’s hard to keep up. However, every once in a while they manage to really bring us something fun to use, and today that service is called — What Do You Love?

Those familiar with iGoogle will notice a similar resemblance, but the way it works is a lot different. Enter a topic that you “love”, or just choose something of interest. You’ll notice that it pulls in windows filled with various information from several services offered by Google. Things like News, Books, Discussions, Gmail, YouTube, and even Alerts can be setup around the topic that you chose.

Google loves to show off their skills and What Do You Love really looks slick. There’s a grid on the left that you grab to scroll up and down the page, which should be wide enough that it would work with a finger if you were using a touch display. Everything is becoming geared towards touch that I wouldn’t be surprised if that was a thought of theirs while creating this.

You can share this with your Buzz followers, or send someone an email with the page you searched for.

This will not replace the home page search, but if you’re wanting to do a comprehensive look-up among several Google services then this is a great way to get that accomplished. You can access the site by going to or

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  • camy

    There is a video that is very impacting, but whay can’t I find it anymore? It is about the real discovery of a baby in the last supper painting of da Vinci; it has been recently discovered. Why can’t I see it on the top search? I tried to search for it with a friend but did not find it. The baby looks perfectly clear. I have searched for it typyng: “the last supper baby”. It is not there anymore!!

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