“Geohot” gets a job at Facebook
By Christopher Weaver


I'm sorry, but there is a strange resemblance here.

Hacker George Hotz aka “GeoHot” who is best known for his hacks of the iPhone and the Playstation 3 has recently been rewarded for all of his “wrong doings”. He is now happily employed by social powerhouse Facebook — working an undisclosed position (either mobile or security is my guess) a mere month after his troubles with Sony were settled.  A post to his friends on Facebook says — “Facebook is really an amazing place to work…first hackathon over.”

Hackers play an interesting role in our society today by reshaping security on a daily basis. Our government is trying to change the laws to punish hackers more severely. However, the list of now employed ex-hackers is growing, which just perpetuates the cycle. What if a team of bank robbers was hired to protect the bank you go to — would you feel secure?

Source: CBS News

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