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By James Lenhart

lower_turntablefm is a music service that can only be accessed if one of your Facebook friends has access to it (sorry, currently in beta). Once you have it — all your friends on Facebook can get to it as well. If you’re not fortunate enough to have a friend with it just friend me on Facebook and we’ll take care of that problem.

It works like this — 5 DJ’s per room control what you listen to. Each channel has a theme and a moderator. The audience can vote if they like a song, and even have the control to skip to the next DJ if enough people don’t like what’s being played.

The bottom right portion contains a chat window which could use a little work, but still cool nonetheless. The database has quite a few songs and will get you started, but if you can’t find something just upload your own music.

Build your queues, meet other people, become a fan or even get fanned, and rack up points to show off what a fantastic DJ you are. You can let people know about your virtual gig by Tweeting or connecting to Facebook. definitely spices things up in a world that could use it.

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  • James Lenhart

    Glad I could help a few people out.