Promoted Tweets Are Nothing to be Mad About
By James Lenhart


Get ready cause here it comes! In the next couple months you should start to see promoted tweets within your Twitter feed say several sources close to the matter. According to Mashable, Twitter is aggressively targeting advertisers telling them that promoted tweets are not an experiment and soon they will be more visible to users.

Currently, the desktop version places ads within the Trending Topics area and are labeled as “promoted” with a gold button next to it. The problem is like most ads if they are not relevant or seen enough they’ll quickly be overlooked, and forgotten. The key is to offer advertising that is relevant to what the user is looking at and to make sure the user sees it.

Looking at Twitter for iOS reveals that the ads are tucked away within the search menu, which doesn’t get looked at as frequently when compared to the main feed. It’s been rumored that promoted tweets will stay at the top of the screen and will not go away even when you scroll through the feed.

Before you start tearing the walls down and smashing your monitor I suggest you take into consideration how much you value Twitter. If you don’t appreciate the service, or have any use for it then I could understand why this would make you upset. However, if you’re an active user on Twitter you may find these ads to be of interest — not to mention you’d be supporting a service that you enjoy using for free.

If you don’t like anything I’ve said, fine, but try to put yourself in Twitter’s position. The company is expected to gross $100 million this year as compared to Facebook’s $3.5 billion. If you like Twitter you’ll probably want to click on a few ads, because lack of revenue means lack of service.

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