SoftStep Keypad Makes Feet More Useful
By James Lenhart


Using your hands to control your computer is so cliche these days why not try something new? KMI has developed a controller that sits on the ground — thus increasing the performance of one’s foot. Combine a 4-Character LED display with 11 multi-touch programmable color back-lit buttons, and you’ve got something that surely won’t draw any attention.

There are plenty of use cases shown in the video, but I’d like to elaborate. Imagine playing your favorite RPG and having each one those keys linked to a combo attack, or spell. What if you could program this to music production software, or even use it to be a guitar pedal? Some of the uses they show in the video are not necessarily practical for everyone, but use your imagination and just think of the possibilities.

The plus is that you can use this with Mac or PC via USB, but it’llĀ set you back $259. KMI’s free Keyworx software(PDF Manual) is advanced enough to allow key combinations for just about all applications — so give your fingers a break and let ya feet do the work.


Source: KMI

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