Best Buy Sues over term “Geek On”
By Christopher Weaver


Long ago the term geek was used to describe technological glasses-wearing folk, now it is a ┬áterm of endearment for all who embrace the technological lifestyle. Best Buy however feels that their use of the phrase “Geek Squad” is powerful enough to prevent from using their new marketing term “Geek On”. Best Buy is also not happy that the coloring of the logo is so close to Geek Squad’s black and orange.

NewEgg is not taking this lying down and has done several things to protest Best Buy’s attempts to stop their progress. The Best Buy legal letter sent to NewEgg was posted up on their Facebook page, and they are now pursuing legal action against Best Buy stating that they are essentially trademarking the word geek. It seems that if you look over Best Buy’s history you’d notice their persistent attempts to sue companies using the term geek including: Rent a Geek, Geek Rescue, and Speak With A Geek.

Geek On is a new promotional service from NewEgg to connect their users with giveaways, prizes, and community activities. For Geek On’s first week, the community was asked to share the overclocking stories and participate in a webinar centered around overclocking. You can check that out and more at NewEgg’s Facebook page.

This lawsuit reminds me of Apple’s suit in regards to the term “Appstore”. I understand that these legal battles need to be fought so rights aren’t abused, but I wish there was more time spent developing products and less time quibbling over a name.

Source: Neowin

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