Android Now Has Starbucks Mobile Payment App
By James Lenhart


Starbucks has announced that they are officially supporting Android along with Blackberry, and iPhone. If you’re a Starbucks fan then you’ll be excited to know that you can rack up rewards, pay with your phone, reload balance, and even browse for drinks you’ve never tried.

The process is simple. You’ll need to register with Starbucks and purchase a gift card from any Starbucks location. Once registered you can link that card with your app and that’s where the fun begins. Every time you stop in and purchase something at Starbucks you will get one star point. After time you’ll progress through different stages, but you get the benefit of one free drink on your birthday right from the beginning.

While this is somewhat primitive to what’s being done with NFC it’s still an easy way to pay for things, and to accumulate rewards. The technology is simple and works using bar-code scanners we’re already accustomed to — which means at this stage it’s much more practical to use than anything else on the market. Have fun.

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