LulzSec Hacks the CIA
By Christopher Weaver


After hacking a random string of targets, LulzSec has decided to set their sights high. They have taken down the CIA website, and was able to make it inaccessible for several hours. This was a result to their DDos attack, which is a typical attack where they flood a server full of requests preventing the site from being served to others.

After the FBI Affiliate, Sony Pictures, Eve Online, and Minecraft hacks — no one knows what LulzSec is really trying to accomplish. Especially when comparing them to another hacktivist group known as Anonymous, who has been hacking in an effort to change political and corporate policy. It continues to appear that they do it for the kicks(or for the Lulz) and have no sign of slowing.

After the recent Anonymous arrests I wonder how much longer these major hacks will stay in the news. When a hackers anonymity is breached, he/she will have no power to hide behind. That is of course considering that the arrests that have currently been made have any validity whatsoever.


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