Facebook’s Real-Time “Happening Now” Feed is a Twitter Rip-Off
By James Lenhart


Facebook is testing out a new feature called “Happening Now”, which is an up-to-date textual box of information. Most people will not get the update due to limited testing; so if you’ve had a chance to play with it we’d love to hear how it works. It’s known that only a “fraction of a percent” of users are seeing this feature, but plans are to increase if the test is successful.

We’re all familiar with the news feed in the center of the page that displays what people have liked, their wall posts, pokes, and other friendly reminders of our dearest friends. The Happening Now section has been placed on the right side of that news feed where you’d normally see upcoming events, sponsored ads, and recommended pages.

Based on the pictures and the amount of information shown it’s pretty clear that this is supposed to closely resemble Twitter, but details on a character cap, or other limitations is still unknown.

Twitter will be rolling out their photo service within the coming weeks, which allows someone to upload their photos within Twitter. This makes photos searchable and retrievable all within the social platform itself. As Twitter plays catch up with some of it’s media publishing capabilities — Facebook does the same by integrating already well known and loved features from the competition.

I will be amazed if all of a sudden people start using this Happening Now feature when most people I know on Facebook can’t even stand the word Twitter. Only time will tell how hypocritical the population of Facebook is.

Source: Mashable

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