World IPv6 Day is Wednesday June 8
By Christopher Weaver

IPv6day Photo

Starting Wednesday June 8th at midnight UTC (8PM Eastern on Tuesday) some big tech sites like Google, Yahoo, Akamai, and Facebook will be offering their content over IPv6 for a 24 hour trial period. The intended goal here is to test out the capabilities and potential problems of deploying IPv6. Also to give hardware makers, OS developers, and internet service providers more of a reason to transition their technologies to the coming norm.

On this test day, these sites among others will serve their content up both over IPv6 and IPv4. The reason being is that if you have some issues connecting over IPv6 that your applications will notice and get a  ICMPv6 (Internet Control Message Protocol for IPv6) error message sent by a router saying that the destination can’t be reached. This will then signal your system to revert to the IPv4 connection.

This day may go by completely unnoticed to the average person since your computer should handle the problems if everything goes well. There is some speculative concern that this may be a free for all for hackers. Here’s a comment from Jean McManus, the executive director of Verizon’s Corporate Technology Orginization,

“I wonder if there’s going to be any sort of DDoS type of things going on … or hackers probing servers that are dual-stack enabled [running IPv6 and IPv4 at the same time]. Content providers need to be careful and watch to make sure that everything is appropriately locked down.”

Source:Ars Technica
Image:Ars Technica

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