Here’s What’s New in iOS 5 [VIDEO]
By James Lenhart


Keynote Video is HERE

It’s clear to see that Apple has become a vital player in the mobile industry, but who knows what these new features could do for the platform. Apple has taken some cues from the competition by adding things like a notification center, iMessage,  and Twitter integration, while also introducing iCloud a new service that will keep mail, contacts, calendars, photos, apps, books, music and more, up-to-date across all your devices without ever having to connect to a computer.

Basically, they’ve cut the cable and have given you the freedom to really use your wireless device.

The iMessage app shows that  Apple will be in competition against RIM with Blackberry Messenger. Using the iMessage app will work like the old message app until you find yourself talking to another iOS user. Simple things such as user feedback to tell whether the person your talking to is typing, and so much more that wasn’t even shown at yesterday’s keynote.

Aside from the 200+ features that are expected to be in the next version of iOS we’d also like to briefly mention the capabilities of one-time-sign-in. Apple has updated their platform with 1500 new API’s which would allow developers to enable the ability to login to an app using Twitter credentials. Sign in once and never have to enter your username or password into an app that has been designed to use Twitter’s authentication.

There’s so much more to introduce and talk about that if you’re really interested you should probably just watch the keynote and become enlightened there. iOS 5 is not expected to be out until the Fall of 2011; so that’ll give you plenty of time to get an iOS device if you don’t have one, or wait until the Fall when they release some new gadgets to use the new OS on.

Source: Apple PR

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