Apple Introduces iTunes Matching
By James Lenhart


Today at WWDC Apple introduced an onslaught of products and services, but iTunes Matching, a new service saved for the end of today’s keynote could possibly be the best. Essentially, take any song you have in your iTunes library and if iTunes has it in it’s 18 million song database, you can download a 256k AAC DRM-FREE version of it to play on any iOS device.

A lot of people download music from Amazon, or other services and would love to have something like this for their iPod or iPhone. There’s one catch though, and that would be the fee of $25 of year.

Plenty of us were speculating on what would make people happy, and this could do the trick. Just compare the cost to other cloud services below while keeping in mind that iTunes Matching does not require the user to upload their own tracks to the cloud. Apple will provide your devices with the content one time instead of streaming it each time. The only downfall is if the user does not have enough storage client side, but at least you won’t worry about bandwidth and connectivity.

– Apple (iTunes Matching)

  • Store – 18,000,000 Songs
  • Storage –  No uploading tracks, iTunes checks to see what tracks you have in it’s database and then lets you download them from multiple devices – $24.99 per year (just over $2 a month)

– Amazon (Amazon mp3 and Cloud Player)

  • Store – 16,000,000 Songs
  • Storage – $20 for 20GB – $1000 for 1000gb – Requires Upload

– Google (Music Beta by Google)

  • Store – No Store
  • Storage – 20,000 songs for free that you upload


Source: Apple PR
Image: TIMN

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