Sony Pictures Russia Exposed by SQL Injection
By James Lenhart

In Soviet Russia, SQL injects you!
The Lulz Boat

Security group LulzSec has been in the news a lot lately and this will surely keep them “afloat”. After attacks on PBS, Sony, and the FBI, we now see they’ve used a similar attack on which is the Russian version of Sony Pictures, the US version was in the news after LulzSec posted one million users worth of information in a torrent file for anyone to publicly download.

In their most recent attack, LulzSec has only proven that they have root user access on the SQL server. No user information has been revealed at this time. We don’t encourage anyone to use information in a harmful way, but here is what has been publicly shared with us.

UPDATE: LulzSec wrote the tweet, but it’s unclear if they actually carried out the attack. Another page says that the source of this attack is still unknown, so sorry for jumping the gun if I did.


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