[E01] LTG – PSN Goes Down
By James Lenhart



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Welcome to the first episode for Let’s Talk Gaming and we really think you’re going to enjoy this one. Granted this is our first of this series and there some minor details to work out we still think this is great for starting something new. Mainly talking about PSN issues and new consoles. Every week we will continue to bring This Week in Gaming and whatever else Chris West decides to bring to the table. Have a laugh, drink a beer (if you’re old enough), and share with friends.


PSN Issues & More
Nintendo Wii 2 aka Project Cafe

This Week in Gaming

buncha puzzle games for pc, wii, and ds
Thor: God of Thunder — wii, 360, ps3, ds, 3ds
Motorstorm: Apocalypse — PS3

Mobile Gaming

Air Penguin
Tiny Wings

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