Google Builds 100.8 Megawatt Power Facility in Oklahoma
By James Lenhart


Google is not only celebrating Earth Day today, but everyday with their plans to build a renewable power facility that runs off wind. Google Energy LLC is the name in which they will be doing this under as this allows them to participate in the wholesale energy market. The plan is to purchase all the energy from NextEra Energy Resources’ Minco II wind facility in Oklahoma for the next 20 years.

The 100.8 megawatts of power generated from this facility will be used at a new data center in Oklahoma that should be operational at the end of this year.

Google says that they’ve spent several million dollars in increasing the efficiency of their facilities (50% percent more efficient), but it’s simply not enough. Renewable energy sources like wind will greatly reduce their power consumption even more, and will create a healthier environment for us humans.

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