Kindergarten gets iPad 2
By Christopher Weaver


Grow up with the iPad

In this fast paced global society we have a need to be connected, and many would say with learning tech that the earlier the better. Maine’s Auburn school district shares this sentiment strongly. Over the past years they have equipped 50% of their student body with laptops, but now they throw in a developmental game changer, the iPad 2. The decission was made to spend $200,000 on 300 iPad 2’s for the incoming kindergarten classes. Former Maine governor Angus King was quoted saying, “If your students are engaged, you can teach them anything, and if they’re bored and looking out the window, you can be Socrates and you’re not going to teach them anything. These devices are engaging.” He was the one who launched the states original laptop program for the students and is therefore behind this move 100%. Many however argue that 5 year olds will be unable to utilize this technology, they must have never seen a kid pick up a Nintendo DS. Kids are engaged by technology and with the teaching model as old as it is, I think this will be a drastic and needed change in the development of our school system. If all books and teaching materials were acquired in a digital format then the money and trees that could be saved over the course of a student’s school career could be staggering.

I fully support this move and hope that when good things happen other school districts might follow suit. Technology is more and more important everyday and these kids growing up need to have every technical advantage that they can. Apple is even helping make it a bit easier by offering an educational discount and is selling the iPad 2 at $475 each to the school board. Sorry for the lack of humor, but to throw it in at the end check out this video for some laughs with this news further explained.

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