Star Wars Coming to Netflix
By James Lenhart


It’s embarrassing that I have to admit I didn’t check, or even read my facts properly for this post. I want it to be clear that I do care about the content I write, and I care that I give my readers a proper post to read. This was my fault and I can assure you that measures have been taken to prevent this from happening again. I know it looks bad, but I’ve admitted my fault and hope we can all move on.

Soon, every Star Wars geek with a Netflix subscription will be enjoying themselves in pure ecstasy. The movie rental service will be offering all episodes of Star Wars on their instant streaming service. If you haven’t been inclined to sign up for a subscription yet, then you might want to do so if you’re a fan. Plans start at $7.99 per month for streaming only, and you can add up to 8 dvds for $55.99 which is still cheaper than most starter plans on cable networks.

“The Force will be with you, always.”

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