Google bids on Nortel patents
By Christopher Weaver

Google Nortel

Google is ready to crack open their war chests and fork over $900 million to acquire a huge patent portfolio. These patents are currently property of Nortel, former Canadian telecommunications giant, but they are going up for auction and Google’s bid was the first and only thus far. There are 6000 patents and if sold at this price, each patent would be bought for 150,000 dollars, quite a bargain for wireless and telecom patents. Why would a huge corporation do this, well often times companies buy patents and then use them to sue other companies and make money, this is called being a patent troll. I believe however that Google has no intentions of doing this, typically it isn’t their type of strategy. It seems therefore that this move is being attempted to get them a more sure footing with their Android platform, or simply to keep an evil company from getting their grubby paws on them. Google says in their official blog that they are in favor of patent reform, and that this is a way for them to put their money where their mouth is. Either way I feel this will be an exciting acquisition by Google, or maybe we will have a bidding war!

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